Mini Session Time!

This year has been an amazing one! Aside from all of the chaos, we’ve all been able to surf our way through and make it this far! PHEWWW! Thank God!

As the holidays approach, this year especially, I know that many of us will still be away from loved ones. Zoom calls are awesome and have been a life saver in many ways, but let’s kick it up a notch. Send that postcard! Oh, if you are thinking about sending it by mail, you will want to most definitely get a head start, you know, USPS is going to be cutting back on workers, so please get most of your holiday shopping out of the way. 

You can also send your beautiful photos digitally, yes! A DIGITAL POSTCARD. 

This year we’ve set up beautiful sets that are ready to welcome you and your loved ones. Our sessions will be outdoors and you’ll have them ready for the holidays!

Click here and book, you won’t want to miss this.