16TH ANNUAL CAAFP 2022 Conference of African American Financial Professionals

What a fantastic event! This was my first time attending the CAAFP conference and was truly an opportunity of a lifetime. When I was first contacted about the event, I knew this was an opportunity I could not miss out on immediately. As a Black-owned small business, my priority is to expose my business as best as possible, and capturing other Black professionals is always a must!

I was so excited to be there and to be surrounded by so many successful African American financial professionals. Listening to their stories, engaging in the activities, and capturing it all was truly an honor. 

The keynote speakers were incredible, and I especially enjoyed learning from Linda Clemons, of which I have been YouTubing ever since!

The gala night was electrifying, Doug E. Fresh did the thing!!! Side note, music is definitely NOT the same, and I confirmed that after watching his amazing performance. HE WAS ON FIRE!

Many other speakers I enjoyed listening to and capturing such as Dwight Howard, Dr. Pamela Jolly, Salene Hitchcock-Gear, Kim Braud, Carla Harris, George Nichols, Deborah Owens, Denise Thomas, Dien Yuen, and Jacob Pruitt. They all had such great advice to share and I learned a lot from them. I also enjoyed all the networking opportunities at the conference. It was wonderful to meet so many inspiring people and to make new connections. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I had the chance to attend. 

A special thank you to The American College of Financial Services; Deborah Glenn, Vice President, Administration, Chief Human Resources Officer, Reggie Wright, Producer/Studio Manager | Digital Media Marketing & Communications and Emily Krall, Director of Special Events for this amazing opportunity. Looking forward to many many more!

For more information, check out their website: https://www.theamericancollege.edu and https://alumni.theamericancollege.edu/s/1921/20/interior.aspx?sid=1921&gid=2&pgid=536