Just a Phone Call Away

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful and inspirational woman. We actually linked up because I called her for some much needed advice, we ended up talking about my company and the goals I had in mind, and before I knew it, I was photographing her at the park. 

Although I don’t consider myself to have any “mentors”, Melissa is definitely someone I’ve been able to admire from a distance. Over the past few months, her dedication to fitness has really helped me to become just as dedicated, but in other parts of my own life. Let’s rewind for a bit…Melissa and I worked at the same institution a few years ago and our encounters were usually short, but very special (to me) which is why when I needed sound advice, my gut instinct was to reach out to her. I am so glad I did!

Ssshhh, don’t tell her I said this BUT, she will be turning 40 in January (I know, 40 is like the new 21!?) and this shoot was all about her. I was humbled by her grace, elegance and simplicity. She arrived ready to shoot and looking so fabulous in such a simple way ( I was taking mental notes and embracing all of that beauty!) and the rest, the photos will tell for themselves. 

Melissa, thanks for being such an inspiration, to me and many other women! 

Love, Ruth