“I Will Keep Going”

And that is exactly what she did! She kept going!!!

Alexis and I connected almost 2 months ago and began to plan out her fabulous photo session. A milestone celebration, one that many dream of, speak of and very few actually follow through and remain consistent!

90lbs! This is how far she’s come and I know she isn’t stopping here.

Meeting Alexis on the day of our session was nothing short of a devine appointment. There was rain threatening our outdoor plans, a makeup appointment cancellation and other little things here and there that TRIED SO HARD to HALT her moment. Nevertheless, God is great and all things worked out beautifully.

I can attest to Alexis’s beauty both inside and out. Our session was a D R E A M !!! The location was PERFECT, she exuded beauty, confidence, serenity, triumph, and I couldn’t be more thankful to her for bringing me along on this journey!

Shoutout to her AWESOME sisters for showing up and being amazing hype-women!

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