Top Three MUST DO’s Before Hiring A Photographer For Your Event!

Over the years of working with event planners in the DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area, I’ve been able to simplify my workflow and book many events flawlessly! I’m not bragging, I’m simply sharing how effective understanding and execution can lead to more leads! PUN totally intended!!!

I thought it’d be great to finally share some tips that’ll help YOU (event planners) book the most appropriate photographer for your client’s events. In this case, Annan Productions. 😅

1. Determine your photography needs: Every event is unique, and your photography needs should reflect that. Do you need a photographer to capture candid moments, posed shots, or both? Do you prefer a specific photography style, such as documentary, fine art, or photojournalistic? Knowing what you want from your photos will help you find a photographer who is perfect for your needs. Also keep in mind where and how your client intends to use the images captured, very important when choosing a photographer. You’ll want someone who is versatile. If you’re unsure about your needs, ask the photographer for their recommendations. Those of us who’ve been doing this for a while will always have great suggestions.

2. Prioritize local photographers: As a local professional photographer, I’m familiar with many event locations and I have the flexibility of being on-site much earlier/later. I highly recommend that you set some time aside to look at the photographer’s portfolio to see if they have experience with events similar to yours and if their photography style matches your vision. And always remember, supporting a local business is awesome!

3. Talk numbers early: Everyone has a budget, and it’s essential to find a photographer who can meet your needs while staying within your budget. Be open and honest about your budget and requirements upfront, we love transparency!!! This helps us provide you with a quote that suits your budget and meets your needs. This will also cut out much of the unecessary back and forth correspondence and expedite the process. The key is to book as soon as possible once you’ve found the one because you are most likely not the only client requesting services. 

Hiring the best photographer for your event is a crucial part of creating lasting memories. Keep these three key things in mind, and I guarantee you’ll find someone who will exceed your expectations and deliver stunning photos! Share this with an event planner or save it for your future events.